For over 60 years, Legrand has been providing integrated solutions for the management of building functions such as lighting, heating, energy, networks and access control. The Legrand Group's business is the design, development and marketing of both simple and innovative electrical and digital systems for easier communication, reinforced safety and security, and enhanced comfort in buildings.


Close to two thirds of sales are made with products ranking No. 1 or No. 2 on their market, including especially prominent positions in France, Italy, the US, Brazil, Russia, India, China and Mexico, and Egypt.

It gradually advanced to become today a world leader in electrical and digital building infrastructures.


Legrand provides numerous solutions for managing lighting, heating, energy, networks and access in buildings. Its product offering is particularly extensive, with over 200,000 products in its catalogues.

The Company benefits from the Group's unceasing research and has an edge on product design, selection, cost efficiency, safety and reliability of equipment. Legrand is determined to extend its operations further and continue to provide products that are manufactured to IEC and any other locally required standards.


To ensure a full service to the market, Legrand is committed to work closely and efficiently with investors, architects, consultants, quantity surveyors, contractors and distributors of electrical equipment. Legrand provides excellent technical advice, on-going training programs and sales support.


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