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Careers at Legrand

At Legrand, our success is grounded in the belief that diversity in technology, innovation, and above all, people is our core strength. That’s why we welcome your enthusiasm, imagination, drive, and ingenuity, and give you the tools you need to become an innovator in your field. We are driven to design products, systems and services that provide better form, better function and better experiences for our customers. Join our team of global-minded, creative thinkers across the Egypt as we continue to improve the delivery and management of power, light, and data to positively impact the world around us

Legrand Careers

Pragmatism, dynamism, training

Attached to human values, our social policy draws its foundations from the culture of the company. Of regional origin, Legrand has cultivated pragmatism, simplicity, and local values. Through its international development, it has been able to demonstrate its ambitions and dynamism. Confident in its future, the group has always practiced an employment policy, giving a large part to the recruitment and training of young people, to find career development opportunities suitable to satisfy them in the industrial, commercial, and management fields.
Legrand Careers

Your desires, our know-how

Enthusiasm, a spirit of conquest, and a desire to innovate are the driving forces behind our Group and allow us to transform opportunities into commercial success on a daily basis. Today, the Legrand group offers various business lines to meet your aspirations and skills. Placed at the heart of major advances in electrical, electronic and digital intelligence, and thus constantly evolving, Legrand offers you to join a company in which each sector has a key place.
Legrand Careers

4 values, one company

Legrand's success is the fruit of the work of nearly 37,000 employees who, all over the world, share the same identity and the same state of mind based on proximity and simplicity at the service of the user. Innovation, listening to customers, valuing resources, and ethics of behavior, are the 4 values ​​that underline the identity of the Group and constitute our corporate culture. They have been built within the teams, over time. We pass them on, internally, in our management principles, externally, in the relationships we have with our partners.
Legrand Careers

Diversity: Our differences are a strength

Legrand attaches central importance to respecting individual differences and cultures (gender equality, disability mission, young graduates or seniors, ethnic origins, etc.). To promote this diversity, the Group ensures that its HR processes are transparent and objective, based on the assessment of skills, and that they respect the principle of non-discrimination because the diversity and variety of human profiles constitute a factor of performance, innovation and quality of life within the company. Our sole objective: to recruit talent.

Legrand Careers

The recruitment process

If you are interested in one of our offers and intend to apply, your CV must reflect your background, your skills, the missions entrusted to you, and the results obtained during your experiences. Thus, if your CV is selected, you should schedule 2 to 3 interviews for job offers (one with Human Resources, then 1 or 2 with managers). After successfully completing the recruitment stages, the Legrand adventure begins for you! And, because we are aware that a successful welcome and integration are the promise of a successful shared history, we make sure to offer you the best possible support to ensure your development and your success. the missions entrusted to you, and the results obtained during your experiments.