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Door entry systems | Legrand Egypt

Stay connected with your home

Control access to your home with BTicino's door entry solutions. You invest in a solution that offers you optimal security and comfort, combined with a trendy design. Thanks to the connectivity with the application, you will always and everywhere be connected to your home.

door entry systems

Comprehensive communication & security solutions

Worldwide leader in the door entry systems market, Legrand Group provides a wide range of products and systems to guide you in your projects and help you choose the right solution from private houses to large complexes.

Solutions for houses

Classe 300 X13E

Classe 300 X13E

The new videophone, which combines a modern look with innovative functions. The videophone can be connected to the smartphone via the integrated WiFi connection and a specific application.

Classe 300 eos netatmo

Classe 300EOS

A new 2-wire/hands-free WiFi connected intercom with integrated Amazon Alexa voice assistant. With the Home + Security app and the videophone call, you can also manage Netatmo 's security solutions.

classe 100

Classe 100

Hands-free or with handset, Classe 100 is a modern aesthetic that combines several facets: limited construction thickness, lightness and solidity. The large 5-inch display always guarantees excellent visibility.

linea 3000

Linea 3000

A discreet device with a modern look, hidden technology and intuitive interaction. A light sensor determines whether the retro lighting and zone lighting should be switched on. Replace now your old 2-wire outdoor station!

Easy kit connected

Easy Kit Connected

Carry out the installation yourself with an internal unit, an entrance panel and a power supply. Then connect the screen to your Wi-Fi network and download the Door Entry EASYKIT application.


Solutions for buildings

sfera new

Sfera New

Modern look, high perception of quality and sturdiness. A perfect alignment of the modules, same color variations also for the rainshields and lowered wall mounted boxes available in the same color variations.

classe 100x

Classe 100X

Transfer of calls directly to the smartphone and have access to various functions via the Home + Security application. It is possible to install up to 20 internal units in one building without additional power supply.

full ip solutions

Full IP solutions

The ideal solution for large residential complexes with numerous apartments. The use of UTP and fibre optic cables to connect all the devices guarantees performance and high signal quality.


Discover Bticino Classe 300EOS with Netatmo

APP Home + Security

APP Home + Security

Netatmo security devices

Netatmo security devices

Alexa Built-in

Alexa Built-in

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