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Door Entry Kits for Apartment Blocks | Legrand Egypt

SFERA 2 Wire System

SFERA 2 Wire System

  • Modern design to suit any type of home.
  • High quality and strength across the whole range.
  • Three different SFERA colours for a more striking appearance.
  • Same colour variants for rain shields.
  • Modules perfectly aligned.
  • Shallow depth surface mounting boxes in the same colour versions.
Two Personalities One Electronic Heart

Two Personalities One Electronic Heart

  • Modular function compositions Separate composition of finishes.
  • An advantage for everyone.
  • The same electronic module can be used for both the "SFERA New" version and the "SFERA Robur" version.
  • A limited number of catalogue numbers to simplify stock and the installer's work.
  • A vast range of audio and video functions with just 12 electronic modules.


  • Ultra robust fascia and structure guarantee high security.
  • Steel flush mounting box for anti extraction installations.
  • "SFERA Robur" with an extra slim fascia.
  • Reinforced plastic components.
  • Compatibility with SFERA.
  • New wall mounted boxes.