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Hospitals Solutions | Legrand Egypt

Solutions for Hospitals: Comfort and maximum security

It is extremely important to provide maximum comfort and safety for patients and staff in all types of healthcare facilities from hospitals to nursing homes through quality infrastructure. Legrand's specific solutions allow the installation of consistent and reliable systems to be designed to meet every level of demand according to the standards for hospital facilities.

distribution boards

Safety and compliance with standards in the medical room

Legrand's distribution boards for medical installations can be used in medical environments in full compliance with the IEC 64-8/7 standard.

  • Standardized panels
  • Isolation Boards for Medical Use
Switches in molded enclosures

Protection, distribution and continuity of service

Legrand protections are suitable for all types of environments as they meet the most stringent requirements. The UPS guarantees autonomy for task continuity even in the absence of electricity.

  • Switches in Molded Enclosures
  • Electrical measurement and monitoring system
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply System (UPS)
Legrand data centers

Scalable infrastructure

Data center technology is evolving rapidly. Be prepared with Legrand's flexible and scalable data center solutions.

  • Corridor containment cabinets
  • Very high performance category 6A cabling
  • UHD fiber tray designed to accommodate up to 144 connectors
Antimicrobial plate

Specially developed solutions for hospitals

Internet access, safe environment and solutions that help to take care of sanitary installation standards.

  • Antimicrobial plates
  • Outlets 
  • RJ45 sockets with silver ions
  • Antimicrobial gutters

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