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Desktop and meeting room multi-outlet extensions | Legrand Egypt


Flexibility and convenience

Ergonomic solutions which are ideal for supplying a single workstation with power and data, desktop/meeting room multi-outlet extensions satisfy users’ needs for flexibility while on the go.
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Desktop multi-outlet extensions

Particularly suitable for mobile and desk-based users, desktop multi-outlet extensions are available in a pre-equipped version, including mix and match power/data connections: 2P+E sockets + USB charger, 2P+E sockets + RJ 45 sockets, etc. Empty desk grommets are also available with 8 to 16 modules, to be equipped with Mosaic or Arteor wiring accessories.
Desktop and meeting room multi-outlet extensions

Meeting room multi-outlet extensions

Ideal solutions for the ad-hoc connection needs of users on the move, meeting room multi-outlet extensions provide them with all the power and data, audio and video connections they need to plug in specific equipment. With a modern design, the ergonomic shape of the extensions means users can plug in from either side.