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In view of the extensive requirements of healthcare infrastructures (the trend for medical centres to become centralised in developed countries and the vast needs of emerging countries), the Legrand Group applies its expertise to providing responses to the needs of today and preparing the solutions of tomorrow in collaboration with operators and engineering consultancies.


The infrastructure must provide a sufficient level of comfort and convenience to improve the daily life of patients.

Patient comfort is enhanced by a secure environment, the availability of nurse, and accessibility for his or her visitors.
In addition to comfort, care must be maintained at high levels of efficiency and performance by simplifying the work of the care staff and helping them to be more responsive in emergencies.
Legrand offers innovative s solution s to adapt the electrical systems for the efficient organization of medical services around the well=being of patients.


The concept of safety must be taken into account right from the building's design stage, for a drastic reduction in the risks of failure.

Making the right choices is therefore essential, even vital! This approach helps to limit the risks of non-social diseases, to set up security systems to protect property, persons, and data.
With systems designed to a more stringent specification than the standard, Legrand has high performance, reliable solutions.


Striving for a situation where energy consumed is energy used towards continuous and efficient care.

Legrand solutions work towards reducing consumption and improving the quality of electrical systems, thereby reducing the energy bill.
All our solutions incorporate a high level of maintainability right from the design stage, and help to reduce costs while limiting the need for servicing during the operating period.


Enabling the operator to reduce servicing costs and achieve return on investment targets.

The Legrand Group imposes strong quality requirements right from the design of its solutions, and its innovation priorities include the simplification of maintenance operations.
Multiple-application products, worldwide availability of systems, and innovative and high-performance applications strengthen the brand's ability to respond to the demanding expectations of investors and operators.